The hacking squad called H3ck34 said that they’d managed to do it, however, until a number of people have done it, don’t be wrecking the warranty on your PS4 just yet. It seems that Cobra Team’s PS Vita project, which is an emulator which would allow you to run hooky games on your console. Apparently, the USB device will be sold for around £80. It was supposed to be out last month, but there’s delays.

Anyway, you might be wondering how the hackers did the jailbreak. Well, there is a kernel exploit that can be found in the PlayStation firmware version 1.76, and a developer called CTurt tweeted that they had been successful in jailbreaking the PlayStation 4 by using a FreeBSD kernel exploit. Basically, the long and short of it is that the jailbreak meant that a custom firmware can be installed on the console.

Of course, if someone down the pub is offering to get your PS4 tinkered with for this process, remember this – and this has always been the case with gaming – if you mess with the innards of a console in a way that is unauthorised by the manufacturer, there’s a chance your device will be bricked, and obviously, Sony aren’t going to honour your warranty.

With this news, Sony will most likely issue a patch to try and shore this up.

If you’ve taken all this into consideration and are still interested on some level, then you’ll have to wait for the jailbreak to be released. When it does, you’ll be able to play games from consoles that are pre-PS4, which is obviously great news.

This won’t mean a lot to most people, so for the layman, all you need to know is this – at some point this year, someone might be able to chip your console, so you can play pirated games, which will be cheaper (and more illegal) than buying official titles. For the enthusiastic hacker out there, you’ll already know what to do.

Either way, this is a headache for Sony and the PlayStation team.